Dance to world peace!

Dear Movers~

Sometime when I turn on the news it feels like it is all “bad news”. Well, today there is great news in the world. I wanted to share this with you. The Amma/Lama/Obama Initiative announces that “dance is the key to world peace!“.

Conscious Dancer Magazine has published a fabulous article and I have included it here for you. Please read below for the latest news from our world leaders about how the power of dance can influence deep change in our culture. Thank you Mark Metz and the whole team at Conscious Dancer Magazine.

If this inspires you, I invite you to look at my upcoming Spring/Summer workshops, listed below. You are officially invited to join us.

In love and light,

[From Conscious Dancer Magazine, today’s April 1st Monday Love Newsletter]The Hugging Saint Amma, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and our first couple the Obama’s have decided that dance is the key to world peace! In a private high-level council meeting they cited sciscientific evidence from Dr. David Hawkins that the level of consciousness on Planet Earth is indeed raising from fear to love. “Dancing people are not fighting people” states Pope Francis, who was asked to weigh in on the subject. The council recognizes individual embodiment as a crucial element in this evolution, and is issuing recommendations through the UN and the World Health Organization to leaders of all nations.

The Amma-Lama-Obama initiative is meant to enliven humanity across the board. They’re officially giving the entire planet permission to move. Citizens young and old are urged to find a way to put movement at the center of their lives and listen to the body’s intelligence. Body wisdom will now be a core community value in education, politics, health care, and the environmental movement. People are encouraged to follow the body’s way to deeper meaning and find methods for bringing movement as medicine into their own lives. Governments are advised to facilitate the rising of billions in celebration by opening up the town squares and public parks for gatherings from somatic to ecstatic.

They heard about Conscious Dancer and Dance First and asked us to help. They said “Let’s move on this, we understand you’ve been mapping the field of conscious dance for 7 years!” With our overarching philosophy of “movement for a better world” and the specific cause of “movement before medication” they could tell our expertise is in alignment with their mission. We’re delighted to be called in service to this mission, and have collaborated with our community to create an offering that represents the field at large. Our contribution to this global evolution of consciousness is appropriately titled “The Upshift Guide”

Download the Upshift Guide here.

We’re giving you the Upshift Guide so you can take an active role in growing the movement. If you’re new to this rapidly expanding field, find out what you’ve been missing. If you’ve been at it for a while, discover how much the field has grown. Either way, please forward this email to your friends and make sure no one misses the good news, there’s something in there for everyone. We’re so glad you could be part of this special announcement, and thank’s again for spreading the love! ~ Conscious Dancer

Download the Upshift Guide here.


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